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Test parameters and detailed description of Ethernet network transformer



1. Turn ratio tr: ratio of primary winding, ratio of winding turns and coupling coefficient of transformer

2. Phase pH: winding direction. Detection of winding direction of transformer primary and secondary stages

3. Inductance LX: ratio coefficient of voltage and current time change rate (E = L). Test the magnetic conductivity of iron core

Coefficient μ, mechanical dimension, integrity and absolute number of coils

4. Inductance LX overlapping DC Bais: detect the magnetic saturation characteristics of the core

5. Leakage inductance LK: equivalent inductance formed by cutting of leakage flux beam. Micro RJ45 with transformer price detection core magnetic conductivity and winding

Coupling coefficient formed

6. Quality factor Q: ratio of inductance (2 π FL) to resistance (ACR)

7. Capacitance between coils CP: stray static capacitance between coils. Distance between detection coils, insulation material and isolation design of micro RJ45 with transformer

8. DC resistance DCR: copper wire resistance. Detect pin solder joint, copper wire material, design wire length, short circuit, etc

9. AC resistance ACR: equivalent resistance caused by copper wire resistance plus hysteresis loss and eddy current loss. Except for inspection

Besides the copper wire, the magnetization and insulation of iron core material are also detected

10. Impedance ZX: absolute AC impedance of transformer

11. Balance BL: balance test between two groups in transformer winding. Check the balance of inductance, leakage and resistance

12. Outgoing short circuit PS: do not conduct the short circuit between outgoing pins. Price detection of miniature pulse network filter



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