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What is the Ethernet network transformer?



Network transformer is also known as Internet isolation transformer, Ethernet interface transformer and network filter. Ethernet filter products are divided into single port, double port, multi connector, 10 / 100base, 1000Base-TX and RJ45 socket integrated Internet isolation transformer. The products are mainly used in RJ45 network port, Ethernet switch, network router, ADSL, VDSL large digital machine equipment, EOC terminal equipment, EPON / GPON three network integration machine equipment, network set-top box, intelligent TV, network camera, SDH / atmsdh / ATM, PC main board interface, industrial main board and other machine equipment.

Ethernet filter manufacturers network transformer key data signal transmission, impedance matching, wave repair, data signal low-frequency oscillation suppression and high working voltage protection.

The function of network transformer in Ethernet interface is in Ethernet interface machine equipment. When RJ45 is connected according to PHY, a network transformer is added in the middle. Some transformer centers tap to the ground. When connected to the power supply, the value of switching power supply can be different. 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V are often available.

Some of the middle taps are connected to the power supply, while some are connected to the grounding device. This key is driven by the UTP port of PHY chip. There are two kinds of drive, working voltage drive and current drive. The one driven by working voltage should be connected with power supply; the one driven by electric flow should be connected with a capacitor to the ground immediately. Therefore, for different chips, the connection method of center tap, Ethernet filter price and PHY are closely related. In fact, we also need to consult the datasheet of the chip and the reference design scheme. When the power supply is connected, different working voltage should be connected, which is decided by the UTP port number level required in the PHY chip material used.


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