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Poe, Poe + key technology overview of Ethernet network transformer:


Definition: Poe full name power over Ethernet refers to 10Base-T, 100base-tx and 1000BASE-T Ethernet network power supply, that is, data line and power line are transmitted on the same network line, and the reliable power supply distance is up to 100m.

In this way, it can effectively solve the centralized power supply of terminals such as IP phone, wireless AP, portable device charger, swipe card machine, camera, data acquisition, etc. for these terminals, it is no longer necessary to consider the problem of indoor power system wiring, while accessing the network, it can realize the power supply for the equipment, greatly simplifying the complexity of generic cabling, reducing Lower the cost of using the system.

In terms of generality, Poe power supply has a unified standard at present. As long as the published standards of IEEE802.3af and ieee802.3at are followed, the interconnection and interworking between devices of different manufacturers can be solved.

Technology advantage and development application of Poe power supply

The advantages of using Ethernet cable for power supply are obvious:

1. Poe only needs to install and support one cable, which is simple and space saving, and the device can be moved at will.


2. Cost saving. Many live equipment, such as video surveillance cameras, need to be installed in places where it is difficult to deploy AC power supply. Choosing the price Poe of EMI filter makes it no longer need expensive power supply and the time it takes to install power supply, saving cost and time.

3. Like data transmission, Poe can monitor and control the device by using simple network management protocol (SNMP).

4. Poe power supply terminal equipment can only supply power for the equipment that needs power supply. Only when the equipment that needs power supply is connected, the Ethernet cable will have voltage. Choose EMI filter to eliminate the risk of leakage on the line.

5. A single UPS can provide power supply for all related equipment in case of power failure.

6. Users can automatically and safely mix the original equipment and Poe equipment on the network, and choose 100m network transformer price these equipment can coexist with the existing Ethernet cable.

7. Make network equipment easy to manage. Because when the remote device is connected to the network, it can be remotely controlled, reconfigured or reset.

8. In WLAN, Poe can simplify RF test task, and access point can be easily moved and accessed.


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