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Introduction and function of Ethernet network transformer



Transformer introduction

The price of network filter for commodity selection is mainly used in: performance digital switch; SDH / ATM transmission equipment; ISDN, ADSL, VDSL, Poe power receiving equipment integrated business process big digital equipment; filt fiber line loop equipment; Ethernet switch, such as yl18-2050s, yl18-3002s of Yutai electronic devices, etc! The data information pump is a device on the consumer PCI network port. The data information pump is also called network transformer or Internet isolation transformer. It plays two key roles in a network port. One is to transmit data. It uses the differential mode coupling electromagnetic coil coupling filter to improve the data signal of the audio signal sent by PHY, and according to the transformation of magnetic field, it is coupled to the other end of the connecting network line with different levels; the other is to select a network with different levels between different Internet devices connected by the protective network line Winding transformer price to avoid different working voltage according to network transmission line damage equipment. In addition, data information mercury can also play a role in lightning protection and maintenance of equipment.


In terms of basic theory, it can receive RJ45 immediately without connecting transformer, and it can work normally. However, the transmission distance is very limited, and when receiving different level network interface, it will also be harmful. And the external influence on the chip is also very big. When the network transformer is connected, choose the network filter which is suitable for data signal level coupling. It has the following functions:

1. It can improve the data signal and make the transmission distance longer;

2. The protection between the chip end and the outside world, the anti-interference ability is greatly improved, and the maintenance function (such as being struck by lightning) of the chip is greatly improved;

3. When receiving the network interface with different levels (if some PHY chips are 2.5V and some PHY chips are 3.3V), it is not easy to cause harm to the mutual equipment.


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