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Basic knowledge of network interface of gigabit network transformer



The typical interface type of hardware configuration of toll system is RJ-45 Ethernet interface. It follows the IEEE802.3 standard, and its transmission speed is generally 10m / 100 / 1000Mbps. It can work in full duplex and half duplex mode.

The Internet interface type of network telephone is the common interface type when the network telephone is connected with the internal LAN. Different Internet has different interface types. The key points of the common network telephone interface are RJ-45 interface, RJ-11 interface and USB interface.

The general Internet phone will show two RJ-11 interfaces. One RJ-11 interface is used to connect the network lines connected with the HomePNA network switch, and the other RJ-11 interface is used to connect with the telephone. RJ-11 power plug is the most common way of wiring. You plug in the telephone at home or in the office of the company

This kind of general untwisted cable. RJ-11 power plug has six pairs of copper terminals at the end, which are marked by different colors. Generally, only four pairs of copper cores can be used for single port network transformer. Four pairs of applied copper core wires are generally marked by black, milky white, bright red and emerald green. Two pairs of copper wires, black and cream, are usually used to provide low-voltage data signals such as telephone and optical data signals. Bright red and emerald two pairs of copper core are used for the transmission of video voice or data information. In addition to finding the RJ-11 power plug on a regular home phone, you can also find the RJ-11 on the modem on your computer. RJ-11 is shown in the figure

RJ-45 power plug is similar to RJ-11 in appearance and surface, but it is wider. Because it has eight copper terminals at the end, it is used to improve the transmission rate of data and information. RJ45 network transformer is the most common port for people to buy. RJ-45 port is the Ethernet card for connecting electronic computers in the network phone. Five types of twisted pair are also selected as the transmission mode in Ethernet interface, so RJ-45 port can be divided into 10Base-T network RJ-45 port and 100base TX network RJ-45 port according to the different communication speed of the port. Among them, the RJ-45 port of 10Base-T network is generally the standard in wireless routing

It is known as "eth", and the RJ-45 port of 100base TX network is generally marked as "10 / 100btx". The key is that most of the fast Ethernet interface wireless routing products are still 10 / 100Mbps network bandwidth responsive. The following figure shows that the rj-45.usb (Universal Serial Bus) interface works like RJ-11 or RJ-45 interface in the network phone. On the one hand, it is used for power on, and on the other hand, it is used for the transmission of data information.

Under general USB specifications, each port can be connected with 127 additional devices, and it is suitable for plug-and-play and hot-plugging without power failure. USB is a kind of wireless communication technical specification model, which has appeared 2.0. Its applicable transmission speed is 480mbps, 480 times of USB1.1. In addition to the fast opening speed, the former one completely adapts to USB1.1. Therefore, the nearby USB interface, coaxial cable and connector specifications and models used in the past can be used to purchase RJ45 network transformer price.


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