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What are the interface types of gigabit network transformer



Ethernet switch is a very important machine in the networking scheme. Many people will not know the type of data and information interface of Ethernet switch, and there is no connection. After reading the article, you will undoubtedly get a lot of things. I hope the article can teach you a lot of things. As the key connecting machine equipment of local area network, Ethernet switch has become one of the computer equipment with faster popularization. In addition, with the rapid development trend of this kind, the role of selecting gigabit network transformer price network switch is increasing.

RJ-45 interface

Choosing the RJ-45 interface of gigabit network transformer is the most popular computer equipment interface nowadays, which is also known as "crystal head of network cable", and the professional name is RJ-45 RF connector, belonging to the category of twisted pair Ethernet interface. The RJ-45 power plug can only be inserted along the fixed direction, and a plastic spring plate is set under it, which is stuck with the RJ-45 expansion slot to avoid falling down. This kind of interface can be used in 10Base-T Ethernet, 100base TX Ethernet and 1000base TX Ethernet. The transmission mode is all twisted pair. However, according to the different network bandwidth, the material is also different. Especially when 1000base TX Gigabit Ethernet is connected, at least super class five lines should be used, and class six lines should be used to ensure stable and high speed.

RJ-11 interface

RJ-11 interface and RJ-45 interface are very similar, but only 4 needle angles (RJ-45 is 8). In computer software, RJ-11 is used to connect modem modulator.

In normal use, RJ-11 is often seen in network lines.

SC optical fiber interface

SC optical fiber interface has already been used in the period of 100base TX Ethernet, so it was called 100base FX at that time. But at that time, because its characteristics are not more prominent than twisted pair, but its cost is higher, so it has not been popularized. The industry vigorously develops Gigabit Internet, and SC optical fiber interface becomes important again.

There are many kinds of optical fiber interfaces. The SC optical fiber interface is suitable for the exchange of local networks. It is shown on some performance Ethernet switches and wireless routes. It looks very similar to the RJ-45 interface, but the SC interface looks more flat. The significant difference is the inner contact. If it is 8 thin copper contacts, it is the RJ-45 interface. If it is a copper pillar, it is the SC light Fiber interface single port network transformer price.


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