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The market of Ethernet network transformer made in China is booming



Although the connector is exquisite, the development level of connector manufacturing industry is usually closely related to the overall industrial production level of the country. With the development of industrial production and manufacturing towards automation technology and intelligent system, as a connector widely used in industrial equipment, processing plant automation technology, power engineering power distribution equipment and railway lines and other fields, of course, is the most important development. Towards "industrial production" Four ”With the solution and technicality of "intelligent manufacturing system", the connector which can increase and decrease productivity on the control modules of stamping die, injection molding, assembly and socket must be upgraded. The interconnection and cooperation among each control module area also clearly put forward the new upgrading regulations for connector devices. Taking the heavy-duty connector as an example, in more and more severe application scenarios, the special characteristics of traditional heavy-duty connector must be possessed, in addition, it can also be used more generally and work in all-round service projects rapidly. The micro RJ45 connector can be widely used in industry Chemical production, very harsh and complex natural environment of the connection work, considering China and the world's sales market customers on the diversified requirements of intelligent control system machinery and equipment.

In addition, the provisions of intelligent workshop for automation technology will eventually enable industrial manipulator to fully play more functions in the future. As a connector manufacturer to show the internal connection of intelligent robot, the connector manufacturer with sensor technology solutions is certainly unlikely to miss this promising area of sunrise. The high-end equipment manufacturing of micro RJ45 band filter is booming in China. More and more people are interested in the part connection of robot arm and the connector solution of detailed automatic control system of intelligent robot. Although the connector is only a small component in the whole process of the intelligent control system, it is a part of the subgrade to ensure the overall quality and maintain the intelligence. The development of industrial manipulator will change greatly in the field of connector, and this kind of new development will nurture other fields of connector, which will produce a subversive development market prospect for all connected devices.

With the migration of global processing and manufacturing industry to the mainland of China, the manufacturing focus of connectors in the world of micro single port network transformer is also moving to the mainland of China. China has already become the largest connector production place in the world. The overall level of connector manufacturing in China has been rapidly improved, and the connector market capacity has gradually expanded. China has become the region with the most development potential and faster improvement in connector sales market in the world.


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