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Technical explanation on the characteristics and application of RJ45 network transformer



RJ45 network transformer is composed of plug and power socket. The connectors of these two electronic devices are connected in the middle of the transmission line to maintain the continuity of the electrical equipment of the transmission line.

The key of RJ45 network transformer module is modular socket. The electroplated power transmission line or power socket hole can keep a stable and reliable connection with the modular power socket spring. Because of the friction effect between the spring plate and the socket, the electric touch is further strengthened along with the plug insertion. The main design idea of the socket behavior is to choose the overall locking system, so that when the modular plug is inserted, the plug of the micro network signal transformer and the page outside the socket can cause greater pull and pull compressive strength. The wiring module on the RJ45 network transformer module connects five types of twisted pairs according to the "U" type wiring slot. Locking the spring plate can fix the RJ45 network transformer module on the access equipment of the control panel and other information content [1].

There are two types of RJ45 network transformer sockets: DTE (data acquisition terminal machine equipment) for Ethernet interface, wireless routing Ethernet interface and DCE (digital communication machine equipment) for network switch. When two machines of the same kind are connected with RJ45 network transformer socket for communication, cross line connection must be applied. If the DTE type interface and the DTE type interface are connected without crossing, the contact pin of the micro EMI filter is all the data information receiving (pushing) pin, so communication is not allowed. In addition, some DCE types of machines and equipment will be fully negotiated with the other party automatically. At this time, the direct line for connection should be straight [4] RJ45 network transformer

RJ45 network transformer plug is also known as RJ45 network transformer network cable crystal plug (RJ45 network transformer modularplug), which is used for data cable termination to maintain the connection and change of machine equipment and fiber distribution frame modules. The crystal head of RJ45 network transformer network wire is required to have excellent on-off characteristics; the Trident spring plate of contact is plated with a thickness of 50 μ m, which is in line with t568a and t568b wire sequence considering over 5 types of transmission specifications; it has the functions of avoiding loosening, inserting and locking.

RJ45 network transformer plug is the standard connector in copper cable routing. It forms a detailed connector module with power socket (RJ45 network transformer module) micro RJ45 belt transformer. The connectors of the two components are connected in the middle of the transmission line to maintain the continuity of the electrical equipment of the transmission line. It is an integral part of the leakage line of network wiring technical finished products. RJ45 network transformer network cable crystal head is generally connected to both sides of the twisted cable. In the standard network wiring design and installation, this spare part product is generally not listed independently, that is to say, it is not considered that the customer himself is engaged in the connection between the five types of twisted pair and RJ45 network transformer plug.


RJ45 network transformer plug is divided into unshielded and shielded. Shielding insulation layer is used to cover the outer field of the plug of RJ45 network transformer. In fact, there is no difference between the appearance design and the unshielded plug. There is also an industrial grade shielding RJ45 network transformer plug dedicated to the unique design concept of the natural environment of the processing plant, which is matched with the shielding module for application.

RJ45 network transformer plug often uses a kind of ground anti-skid plug protective wire sleeve to maintain the connection of plug, prevent dragging and facilitate insertion. In addition, it also has a variety of color selection, which can show the same color as the embedded logo and facilitate proper connection


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